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Power Surge Protection

Whole-houseLightning & electric power surge protection by Crescent Electric. Protect valuable electronics with whole-house Lightning & power surge protection, installed by a CE certified licensed electrician

power surge protection by electrician dc since 1948


These short duration electrical disturbance are not the result of storms alone but take place every day in varying degrees of severity through routine electrical power supply to your home - this problem increases in frequency and severity as electric power providers infrastructure become increasingly dated - prematurely reducing the life of your home electronics. Crescent Electric will install LIGHTNING-POWER SURGE PROTECTION for your safety.

Whole-House Electrical Surge Protection

power surge protection by Crescent-Electric-since 1948

How Whole House Power Surge Protection Works

Protecting Against Lightning And Power Surges

Fully protecting your home against power surges requires protecting both the entire home’s electrical wiring as well as protecting individual devices that are susceptible to power surges. In the first case, whole-house surge protectors are available for wiring to the home’s electrical service panel. In the second case, individual surge protectors are available for providing power to vulnerable devices. Both types of devices function on the same basic principal: when they detect voltage at levels above the norm, they divert that additional voltage to the electrical ground, thereby protecting attached wiring and devices from a power spike created by a power surge.

Whole-house surge protectors are generally wired to the home’s electrical service panel, a process best performed by a licensed electrician. Your electrician should also have the expertise and knowledge of your home’s electrical system to be able to provide or suggest an appropriate surge protection system with features and capacities appropriate to your specific requirements

In addition to whole-house surge suppression, “plug in” surge protection devices are required for additional protection on sensitive electronic devices. This is due in part to the fact that whole-house protectors, while able to stop the vast majority of excess voltage immediately, are not able to divert all voltage resulting from a power surge, and devices within the home may still be susceptible to damage. There are a wide variety of devices available on the market for protecting individual devices. If you’re in the market for one of these devices, a knowledgeable sales specialist at your local home supply store can help you choose a device that fits your specific requirements.

In summary, one cannot be too mindful of protecting against power surges, as the damage they cause can be extremely costly and dangerous. We hope this article has helped to explain some of the reasons you need surge protection and has helped shed some light on the various protection methods available to prevent power surges from affecting you and your home.

Crescent Electric delivers award winning electrical service in Washington DC metro area and is the top provider of power surge suppression solutions, including whole-house and individual device protection as well as electrical ground and wiring evaluation and upgrades. We do all electrical services, both residential and commercial.

Crescent Electric Electrical Contractor is one of the most trusted  electricians licensed in DC, MD, VA. Serving the Greater Washington DC area since 1948 gives us over 70 years experienced to better serve you. We're centrally-located for prompt service. Our service area includes Washington DC, Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Takoma Park, Silver Spring,  Olney, Potomac, Kensington, Georgetown, Arlington, Fairfax, Alexandria, Poolesville, Wheaton, Rockville, NW DC, SE DC, NE DC, SW DC, Fredrick and everywhere between. Give us a call to to discuss your electrical needs (202)244-8100 , email us service@crescentelectric.us or fill out our contact form

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